Wide Tornado Wrecks Barn – The Film Frame

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be in the path of an approaching tornado you are likely to find you’ll have to consult a professional roofing company within the bear minimum. Even if a tornado gets close to your home the likelihood is that it’ll pull the roof shingles off the roof. In this clip, you’ll witness a storm that did more than simply rip off just a couple of shingles.

A strong tornado struck in Nebraska in the month of June of 2014. Hank Schyma was hot on its path. Actually, it was a little too hot. Hank was already signaling people to seek shelter when the tornado moved quickly towards him. Hank does a swift turn in three places and presses the accelerator. The sound from the tornado is distinct. It sounds like torrential water coming from water falls. Hank manages to reach safety on a mountain ridge. From here, he takes numerous photos and videos of the tornado. The video shows Hank often utilizes the frame to show images of what the damage was like prior to and following the tornado struck. A barn was completely destroyed in the video. It is evident that the rubble was all around.


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