Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney USS Constitutions

Most likely, you’ll have plenty of queries. These are solutions to common queries regarding divorce. Be aware that if you have legal questions, it’s best to speak to your legal representative.

Can a divorce with no fault be contested?

Technically, yes. While a no-fault divorce avoids the possibility of trial, a contested divorce can still occur even if both spouses don’t agree to the terms of the divorce.

“Can I reach my husband’s attorney?”

No. If you are being represented by counsel, the lawyer for your spouse is not legally allowed to talk with you. Doing so is likely to violate ethical as well as professional regulations.

Both spouses can file for divorce?

If the circumstances are right, you can. In the states your residence is located in, and the divorce must be uncontested and not at fault, you may be able to jointly file with the court to end the marriage.

“Can you be married with out having to get divorced?”

Remarrying after a divorce is final constitutes bigamy. It is an offense in the federal government and is illegal throughout the United States. Even if a spouse is still married, this applies. hmcwhcrk9i.

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