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o Build a Horizontal Fence” provides an overview of the various steps involved in the making of a wood fence.

Some tools are essential for wood fencing installation. Post-hole drills and wooden lumber are both essential for installing wood fencing. Before you begin the installation process it is essential to measure the length the fence that is planned is vital in order to determine if the material is enough to bring the fence until it is complete. Install postholes that range from ten to twelve inches in width. You must ensure the post holes are 6 inches deep and below the frost limit. After that, fill in the holes of the posts by putting small bits of gravel or crushed stone.

After filling up the post-holes install the posts inside the post-holes and alter them until they’re stable. To make sure that the posts are rigid be sure to brace them on both side. Additionally, the soil must be filled in half around the posts. Then, you need to compact the soil through soaking and apply fast-drying cement to make the posts solid and strong. Once you have set up your posts, attach redwood boards using screwdrivers and drill. Choose redwood for your posts as it is durable.


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