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the reasons for his entry as well as his growth in the industry of asphalt seal coating as portrayed in his YouTube clip “How I got into The Asphalt Business.”

Dave Strand got started in the business in 1972 when he worked as an understudy/assistant for a rough-around-the-edges asphalt seal coater named Paul. Paul, a Souther, wasn’t particularly conscious of his appearance . He also operated his sealcoating company with the El Camino equipment.

Paul would take any measure to acquire the ingredients for an oil-based seal coat. Because Paul was a staunch fan of old-fashioned methods, patronage for his seal coating business was not frequent and limited to returning callers to whose door he Dave have previously knocked.

Following a couple of months after a tense exchange with Paul about the amount of money he earned, Dave Strand summoned the determination to start his personal asphalt seal coating business. With dedication, hard work and ingenuity He gradually built his business with time, and is now enjoying some modest successes. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, so that Google will pay him.


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