What is the Difference Between Urgent and Emergency Care – Healthy Huntington

For things such as the common cold or strain For things like a sprain or cold, visit the local urgent care clinic. Certain urgent care facilities offer diagnostic testing like blood tests and X-rays. You need urgent care for issues that are serious but aren’t life-threatening. One advantage of urgent care is the ability to treat individuals who are not employed, provided there is a credit or debit card.

The emergency room is the best option for life-threatening emergencies. The use of emergency care should be reserved to treat heart attacks, strokes or serious injuries. Doctors often advise patients not to visit emergency rooms for non-life-threatening issues like urinary tract infection. The problem is that this advice will soon end. The concept of urgent care is relatively modern field of medicine that was created so that emergency departments can concentrate on urgent situations. “Emergency rooms” can be found in hospitals belonging to one particular health insurance network. If you’re not part of the network, your insurance usually will not be able to cover the cost. sj7ruhkh4r.

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