What is SR-22 Insurance? – Auto Insurance

It is a. This is a certificate in which you are required to show an amount that is required of liability insurance on your vehicle. A SR-22 isn’t required for everyone. It’s typically a requirement in the case of those who have received multiple traffic offenses or participated the victim of numerous accidents. In general, it’s an attempt by the government to guarantee that high-risk drivers aren’t placing others in danger by not carrying the liability insurance. In many cases drivers with an infraction on their license will require a SR-22 as a requirement in order to get their license reinstated. The decision is made by the court that is taking care of the matter to begin with.

There are many reasons for courts requiring an SR-22. A SR-22 is commonly needed for those who were driving while intoxicated. The SR-22 may be necessary for those with a history of accidents but does not include insurance. There are others to consider. It is possible that SR-22s are required by probationers. Certain people who are unable to pay child support may also need this document.


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