What Is a Pergola? How Do You Build One? – Life Cover Guide

Garden or walkway. A pergola can be built right from the ground or even on an existing deck.
Pergolas that are built on the foundation are much more durable as compared to those constructed on existing decks. However, you can build a secure pergola over your deck, using sturdy galvanized steel fasteners for strengthening the pillars.
In the process of building pergolas on decks, there are some important things you need to keep in mind:
Choose wood that has been treated with pressure and is able to withstand pressures of high. When choosing wood, go with ACQ-treated wood because it can withstand damage from insects as well as water.
Include railings on the posts made of wood. Railings give more strength to the structure to withstand powerful wind.
It is recommended to stay clear of the use of heavy roofing materials, like wood or canvas covers. It could lead to the pergola’s structure to collapse. A good choice of materials for adding shading on your roof are lightweight wood or fabric lattices.
Connect the support posts underneath the deck with the structure of the joist.
These tips will stop your pergola from falling over due to the force of strong winds or heavy rain. w4bgbnsxhl.

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