What is a Bail Bondsman – Maine’s Finest

from jail. They also help to bring these same persons to their courts, should they be required. We’ll be describing what bail bondman is and the benefits they can offer.

The person charged with someone’s crime and taken to the courtroom for an appearance. During the arraignment the judge may set a bail amount , which is payable by the defendant to be released from jail. The money will be returned to the person who paid it if they appear at next court appearances.

Bail is provided by the defendant the defendant’s personal money or may be arranged for them to pay through a relative. Also, you can use items like your home or vehicle to get bail. If you are not present on a court date or court date, the court could seize your home or car and pay the bail.

Bail bondsmen can also make a bond for you. They will post bail on your behalf , for a fee that is 10 percent of your bail. This is in addition to some collateral. Visit the following link to find out more.


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