What an Automatic Truck Wash Service Is Like – Car Talk Podcast

Clean vehicles are more aerodynamic and may result in higher energy efficiency.

How can large vehicles be washed? Numerous truck stops offer truck washing service. This includes bays that have the appearance of automatic car wash facilities. The service uses technicians to wash the inside of the truck trailers.

The video that is on this page provides a complete truck washing experience. The technician starts by asking the driver about they require, then the technician begins pressurizing the inside of the trailer. The technician closes the trailer’s back and begins the exterior wash.

Technician sprays the exterior of the truck’s cabin using a presoak solution. The technician also sprays difficult-to-reach areas around the tires. Once the truck has been thoroughly clean, it’s transported slowly underneath large roller brushes. After that, spray nozzles are employed to get rid of any dirt.

The truck is in good condition and it should improve its fuel efficiency as the driver continues his route. 3qwg8twzna.

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