Tree Care Tips for a Newly Planted Tree – Andre Blog

The trees are beautiful parts of our landscape. Much like all other vegetation, they require a lot of care. When you plant a new tree , you must have a good understanding of the steps to take for tree care so that it can survive. Here we will share some beneficial tips on caring for the new trees.

First, watering. When you plant a tree it is important to ensure that you provide it with ten to 20 gallons of water each week. It is crucial because this is the time that the tree is in its early years. It’ll require lots of water to grow strong.

When planting a tree, it is important to take proper care of compost and mulch. The compost and the mulch are crucial to put around your tree. However, mulch should not be placed directly on the roots or the trunk of the tree. It is recommended to change the mulch every year , if it is used.

The last tip we are going to discuss is pruning trees. Pruning is vital at the start of a tree’s existence so that it keeps a good structure. By trimming a tree at an early stage, you are keeping it solid.


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