Street Food in Italy – Family Dinners

Italian cuisine is popular around throughout the world, and the global popularity of pizza is proof of this fact. Italian food isn’t exclusively for fast food.
Italian food is usually based on lengthy, relaxed sit-down meals with multiple courses that may last for hours. A company that deals in travel called My Late Deals released an index of Italy’s street food as one of the best worldwide.
Alongside Bangkok, Berlin and Sydney, Rome and Palermo were named among the most popular 20 cities for street food. Rome came in sixth place, and Palermo was ranked 16th. For determining the best location for the city, the number of street food vendors, their prices, experiences as well as the cleanliness of the city were taken into consideration.
What do street foods look like what is street food like in Italy? Find the most popular Italian restaurants that you must try when you visit Italy on this short video. This video should be watched in case you’re a serious foodie. Be sure to check back for more interesting and informative videos. dze5wuladr.

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