Solar Roofs – Fad or For Real? – Technology Magazine

adoption rate of solar roofs is still quite low. The video below will help explain why.

The issue for Tesla has been to find adequate skilled employees. They’ve been particularly affected by the shortage in laborers available. Tesla is forced to cut down on several sectors that they originally offered solar roofing. Tesla has also reduced their prices. Previously, potential customers could access a virtual cost estimate using the site. It was unfortunate that the website did not reflect the complications of roofs. Customers were therefore given low estimates. When price adjustments were made at a later date, lots of clients were no longer interested. A few customers were even hit with 100 percent price hikes. This , combined with expensive labor means that these solar cells don’t make sense. Similar results are found with other varieties of solar shingles that are available. The shingles might not be suitable for many roofers in the area. Costs for labor are prohibitive and the efficacy of solar roofing is not at the point yet. We’re seeing real demand from prospective clients. This is a great opportunity to be a key player in clean energy’s future.


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