Moving Tips You May Have Never Heard Of – The Interstate Moving Companies

Have you ever played a video game? You have likely heard of tips such as labeling and coloring your boxes. Have you ever heard that socks are used to transport fragile glasses? The video below will provide the most effective tips and tricks when moving. You may still require assistance to move.

Vacuum pack bags are the first thing to make. Vacuum bags can be used to reduce the size of the items they consume. In the case of clothing, it is able to take the most space because of its air-content and the spaces that are left. A vacuum bag solves this problem through the ability to blow out air. The result is a bag with a small dimensions, which maximizes the storage space.

Another wonderful tip is to use your clean socks to protect glassware that is fragile and also other breakable items. You can simply place the sock on glasses like your own foot. That sock will add an additional layer of security. It is actually possible to combine this by wrapping your glasses in towels and you’re in good shape.


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