Man Gets Revenge on Scammers In The Most Unusual Way Todays Entertainment News

it is not surprising that he’s known for executing revenge on porch pirates. Recently, however, he has released an unreleased video in which he takes his revenge to a completely new height. Fraudsters have been a concern for the elderly all over the globe since long. Though felony charges may be forthcoming to be brought in India in this kind of fraud the police do have the capability of having their own informants. They are therefore difficult to trace and prosecution. Mark Rober felt it was time for him to handle the situation in his very competent hands. In this video it will be clear how he got his revenge with a unique method.

Rober designed a set of clever pranks designed to be a prank on fraudsters. One is made up of a bottle that releases a horrible smell when the bottle is opened. The fake scent is so delicate that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the source of the aroma. It is true that the stink can easily spread throughout a whole room. Rober was able to have some of the people in his house sneaking water bottles into the area. The scammers were in for quite a surprise. Maybe they will think twice about defrauding elderly and vulnerable people of their life savings next time.


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