Look Out for These Scams When Hiring a Moving Company – Family Issues Online

Every year, ing scams Americans. This video will help you understand the signs of scams to avoid when looking for companies to move.

When you are planning your move, the last thing that comes to mind is choosing a company to move with. Perhaps, but it’s the top thing to worry about if you want to ensure that your possessions as well as your money secure. One of the biggest scams you should be looking out for is the price-fixing bait and switch. This scam is where companies will provide an estimate , and promise that its prices will beat all of its competitors’ prices. After all of your belongings were loaded on their trucks, the price will be increased. They’ll claim that you have more goods than what was originally estimated. You may be asked to pay an extra amount upfront, which could cost thousands. If you refuse to pay they could try and sell your items in an auction. It’s commonplace for this to occur.

Other scams include companies adding extra charges after they have your personal belongings as well as hiring non-licensed or insured Movers. For more details on dangers of scams and the red flags to look out for when hiring a moving company, watch this video.


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