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An inrush current Do you know why it is so important? The video offers a brief overview of what you can do to measure inrush current and summarizes some of the features of the inrush surge alleviatigator.

Inrush current on a motor can also be called the beginning current. This is the very first inrush current needed to charge transformers and capacitors. You can calibrate the transformers by measuring the inrush current. The inrush current increases as motors age, or when they require its bearings greased.

An instrument called a clamp is necessary to gauge the amount of inrush current. Once the motor is connected, you need to press the inrush button to start the motor. It is necessary to glance at the current inrush over a period of 5 times. It will be possible to determine the exact value once it has settled down. If you have a strong motor, inrush current will be able to settle fast. The process can take some time in the event that your motor isn’t working properly. An excessive inrush current could lead to voltage dips and the failure of your equipment. Therefore, it is crucial to watch the inrush current on a regular basis. This article has all you need to be aware of about the inrush current.


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