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Therefore, for certain parts of equipment such as water heaters as well as furnaces, experts make use of industrial insulation blankets that keep the heat where it is required. They typically consist of layers made of advanced materials, such as heat-reflective fabrics or elastic insulation. The video below will show how a technician can install an industrial insulation blanket onto an intricate piece of equipment. It has large rivets which permit it to be linked to the equipment it’s designed to be used on with wires. For the blanket to be secured, technicians place it on the apparatus and wraps wire to the rivet. After that, he extends the wire through the equipment and brings it back to another rivet. The wire is secured to the next rivet. Then, between the rivets as well as the solid wire and the blanket, it is held by the blanket. Repeat this process until all rivets have wire wrapping around them. Then, the insulation blanket is secured around the equipment and with a minimal air gap. This will ensure that the blanket can offer the highest quality of insulation to the machine, that should operate at a higher efficiency. y2dao3cnog.

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