How to Repair a Sewer Pipe Under a Concrete Slab – Home Town Colorado

It is a great way to use tools and techniques that most don’t have. But you need to know the procedures required for. The good news is that the Youtube video titled “How to Repair an Sewer Pipe in the Concrete Slab The Old House” explains exactly how to proceed during this process. We’ll find out!
Checking for Broken Pipes

The video show that professional inspects pipes by using a camera. This allows them to identify the issue. By doing this, they can save a significant amount of time, and they can easily check for crushed pipes using the camera.

In most cases it’s plant roots entering through the joints. However in this video, there aren’t enough to trigger a problem. The best thing to do is look up the possibility of other issues.

Fix the Pipe

After identifying the issue and the problem is fixed, repairmen will clean the current pipe , and then replace it with a replacement. At first, you’d have to knock down the entire pipe to make sure that the pipes were exposed. They can now do this without difficulty.

Watch the remainder of the video for further information on sewer repair and you’ll be ready to speak to repairmen for the event that something goes wrong in your the home!


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