How To Fix Your Ceiling With Water Damage – Home Efficiency Tips

Repairing damaged roofs can be accomplished yourself, but it’s not recommended that you hire someone to repair your roof. This is how to make repairs to a damaged ceiling.
1. Find where the Water Source First, locate the source and close it for protection from further damage to your home and your ceiling. You might have to remove the damage drywall to spot the source. It is then possible to repair or replace it if you find it.

2.Dry the water-damaged Ceiling Once you’ve fixed the source of water damage put tarps on the floor below the damaged ceiling to commence drying. For complete elimination of moisture it is recommended to use towels and fans.

3.Remove the Damaged Ceiling Take off any peeling or bulging spots on the damaged ceiling by using scrapers or other equipment. Clean up water-stains in areas.

4.Repairing the damage. Ensure there is a smooth surface by eliminating imperfections and bumps in the ceiling. Utilize a joint compound fill small holes, and finish the surface with a sandpaper

5. Prime and Paint the Ceiling Make sure your ceiling is restored to its former glory with a coat of primer. Let it dry, then go ahead and repaint the entire ceiling for consistency.

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