How to Care and Maintain Stucco – Spokane Events

Fire and insects, and also quiet outside noise. The drawback of stucco is that it’s generally brittle and could crack If the owner does not care for it in a timely manner. The possibility of cracks in the surface is not unusual. Repairs are possible in the event of cracks that exceed 15 percentage.
The most serious issue with stucco maintenance is water exposure. It causes the worst and rapid degrading. So, home owners must make every effort to shield their stucco wall from prolonged exposure to water.

The rock edging must be properly maintained so that water drips away from roof runoff. The flower beds need to be at least 4 inches beneath the stucco wall of each household. In order to keep at least 2 feet distance from the walls, it is important to regularly prune troughs. Another tip is to never put garden ornaments near stucco walls. If drops of rain fall on ornaments you should keep them at the very least one foot away.


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