How Do Invisalign Aligners Work? – Teeth Video

Their hesitation. Braces may have an adverse effect on self-esteem and they may be difficult to maintain. There is sometimes pain associated when wearing braces and keeping oral hygiene can become difficult. But what can you do?

Invisalign aligners are a common solution people turn to when they do not want to wear braces, but want to have their teeth straightened. The aligners can be removed and appear almost undetectable so it is simple to eat. In that they gradually shift your teeth, aligners operate exactly the same as braces, giving the perfect smile is comfortable to wear.

A dental practitioner will start by taking impressions from your teeth to help mold the aligners in accordance with your specifications. The software will be utilized to keep track of the growth of your teeth and will then design multiple aligners for you. This will allow you to shift your teeth over time. The aligners are placed on your teeth and used properly once they have arrived. You can see how Invisalign aligners are constructed in this video.


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