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How can protective clothing and equipment prevent The new lighting system in tunnels that are in place, the workers within these zones should not just think about the present safety rules put in place for their business, but also be sure that the regulations continue to be enforced, and their work is being done safely.

That means that each employee should make a vow towards safety. Every employee should reinforce and promote this pledge to safety in their daily actions. There are numerous instances in cases where employee injuries lead to cases against a business. When an employee is unable to take the necessary security measures, this is not something to be proud of. In order to ensure the safety of workers on the job, employees should be aware of their safety obligations to avoid incidents of injury.

Hazard Assessment

There are two types of dangers to safety: physical and health-related. An extensive Hazard Assessment needs to be carried out for both. Temperature fluctuations, moving objects, heavy machinery and sharp edges are all types of risks. Before a worker is allowed to perform work at any site, they must be aware of potential risks to health. When it comes to electrical connections, the worker should not perform repairs or maintenance within an unsafe area like around overhead wires or in areas where electricity is running through large cables. Electric cables could have sharp edges, and they can also be extended, and workers in this area must make sure that they are not placing themselves in a dangerous position or even falling into a hazard when walking near to a cable with an open power source. When an employee needs to sit in a vehicle during the time it is being repaired then the employee should make sure that the vehicle is safe for driving in a certain location, not locations where the vehicle’s mechanicals are


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