Hair Loss in Men – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

Ess is also called hair loss that is androgenetic. Medline Plus says that it is an extremely common genetic condition that affects more than half of the men over 50. There is no way to stop your hair from falling out with age. There are remedies and treatments to slow down the loss process. Before you decide to buy supplements and special tonics find out which are promising in treating or preventing hair loss.

The two most well-known hair transplant methods include follicular unit transplantation as well as Follicular Unit Extraction. It is important to remember that both of these procedures are considered to be surgical procedures, which means they are costly and can cause a degree of discomfort. Laser treatments are believed to ease the swelling in hair follicles, which prevents them from growing back for some forms that lose hair, for instance alopecia areata. A 2014 ReviewTrusted Source suggested that low-level laser treatment (LLLT) is employed to stimulate the growth of hair for different types of hair loss. Most of us are aware of the adverse effect of smoking lung. Did you realize that smoking cigarettes could result in hair loss? moa1z4uz9o.

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