Five Steps to Becoming an SEO Reseller

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Using a search engine begins 93% of all online participation, which makes for over 100 billion global searches happening every month. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) a highly sought after item, meaning an SEO reseller can make a large income if they choose to. Here is how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps.
Find your market specialty.
Specializing in a certain industry or business type allows you to learn certain marketing challenges, what their online presence is, and who their target clientele are. Having a specialty will prove your knowledge and give you a successful chance to gain and keep many clients. Knowing their industry will instill trust in you and will open networking opportunities.
Be knowledgeable with SEO.
Knowing search engine optimization through and through will help you gain confidence in your business, which will become a great way to sell to your clients. Your clients expect you to have an extensive knowledge of SEO so that you are able to be successful in working with them.
Find clients.
Now that you have established yourself, it is time to find your clients. Start local and visit potential clients, this make potential clients aware that your services are available and establishes a personal connection with them. Networking with people you know will help you land your first client.
Make an impression.
As you go to meetings with potential clients, make sure that your first impression is meaningful. Be prepared with paperwork, charts, marketing, and ideas to show them what your business is about and how it can help their business. It is important that they feel confident in your business and know that it can help them immensely.
Ensure customer satisfaction
Now that you have landed a client, you must make sure you keep them as a client. Showing them great customer service by regularly meeting with them, making calls to check in, and going beyond what they expect will help your clients stay loyal and potentially even recommend you to others.
Knowing that 75% of searchers will not read past the first page of results on a search engine shows how in demand SEO is. Now that you have learned how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps, you can start your journey with confidence. Read more here.

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