Benefits of Different Types of Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring – Freelance Weekly

In place of the traditional diamond rings, non-traditional rings may be worn instead. There are exceptions to this rule. are durable. As per Narrator of the video, many rings are marketed as engagement ring alternatives, but contain stones that don’t always last, such as moonstones, labradorites or pearls, turquoise for instance. This review will discuss stones that are suitable for use to make engagement rings.

Sapphire is the most popular choice for engagement rings gemstones. Its lustrous, green-blue color is one of the reasons this stone is highly sought-after. This stone is sturdy, sporting a Mohs hardness rating of 9

Emerald is the 2nd choice for engagement rings gemstones. It’s usually found in green and blue with certain secondary colors, like purple and yellow. It comes with an Mohs hardness range of 7.5 to 8.

The third option is rubies to be used in engagement rings as stones. These gemstones are known for rejuvenating energy and vitality. They’re also tough as they have a rating of nine on the Mohs hardness rating.


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