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and reduces the viscosity of the emulsion. The size of the droplets increases as well during this process. Additionally, it helps the emulsion to be separated from the water. It is also a possibility that oil is lost due to heating. Heating can also cause mechanical difficulties.

The use of electricity is another way to break an the emulsion. Electrical currents help to make the particles more cohesive. The electrically charged particles’ molecules will be organized by dipoles of their electric charge.

Emulsions can be reduced by chemicals. It helps the water droplets to condense.

An Emulsifier’s Properties 1.A powerful attraction is present between water and oil 2.Encourages flocculation It also causes solids wetting

They are used to separate solids that have been accumulating in the oil . This is done by soaking the solids to make it simpler to separate them.

Considerations of Choosing an Emulsion Breaking Process 1.Temperature 2.Chemical injection points 3.Type of Crude Oil Treatment Process 4.Type of Crude Oil 5.Produced Water Composition 21h9yqzkew.

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