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It is possible to use saliva replacement solutions to cover the gap. These items work by covering your tongue and throat with chemical substances that imitate saliva. It allows you to talk clearly. They can also be used if you are ever unable to talk or have an illness. In the event of this happening, see a doctor right away in order to stop any issues from developing.

Saliva is an aqueous, salty liquid produced by three pairs of mouth glands. Saliva can be used to moisten foods, start digestion, lubricate the mouth and to clean it. Also, fluoride can be found in saliva, which helps keep teeth healthy and prevents decay. It also helps to demineralize the teeth. Fluoride is also helpful in digesting and swallowing food. If a person is unable to produce sufficient saliva, they might use artificial salivary substitutes .However should they find that their saliva glands are removed due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer. Then, they can be substituted using drugs. This could lead to more saliva flow and ultimately healthier teeth.

Good oral health is dependent on saliva. If one isn’t having enough saliva in their mouth the risk of developing cavities and dry mouth, gum disease and various dental ailments and tooth loss when not dealt with early. In addition, saliva production can make it easier to enjoy food more: it also helps keep your teeth healthy which means you don’t suffer from issues like gum disease and cavities. There are occasions when saliva production is reduced through medication or changes in the body. There are ways to address this issue that will allow you to regain your normal salivary function , and also prevent developing any more issues which could lead to serious oral diseases.

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