3D Printing Debunked – 1776 The Musical

The video discusses some of the stories that 3D printing is associated with. A few may or may not be real, but this video will help explain the reasons behind this. These are three myths the man believed and ought to not be ignored. First, there is the notion that 3D printing is new and state of the edge technology. It is clear that 3d printing knowledge is increasing. But 3d printing is not something new. It has existed since the 80s. An individual from Japan in the 1980s was the primary inventor for 3D printing. The research was released in 1981. It is a fact that not anyone is aware of. It wasn’t until 1990s that America truly was introduced to 3d printing. It was in 1998 that we saw the first time that 3D printing was featured in a movie. It appeared to have been ahead of its time, but, it had been around since more than 10 years. Another misconception is that ABS is more robust than PLA. If you’re planning to use 3D printing as a pastime it was not uncommon an investment of 30K+ just to fill your printer with ABS. rbshc5pgam.

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